In-Person or Online
Ultramarathon Coaching


Alicia Hudelson – Minneapolis, Minnesota

“I highly enjoyed working with Chad and learned even more than I’d hoped to about training and racing.  The training schedule he created for me was specifically tailored to my experience and goals and included an explanation of the reason behind each aspect of the program.  The level he had me training at ended up being perfect:  not an overload that would get me injured, but enough to push myself.  Chad was also always available for questions or help with training and getting ready for my race, which was a big help.”

Sean Hudson – Boulder, Colorado

“I’ve been a runner for over fifteen years and running ultras for about thirteen of those years. I’ve always thought I knew how to train properly, but I had hit a plateau in my running. A friend suggest hiring a coach. Chad and I talked, made some goals, and started work. I quickly realized that I didn’t know much about training. Through Chad’s coaching, I stayed injury-free and had a great year of training, running, and racing. As a result, I solo-ran the 138 mile Kokopelli’s Trail in 3 1/2 days, finished strong in several trail marathons and 50Ks, and was in great 100 mile shape in time for the Leadville Trail 100. Thanks Chad! I couldn’t have done it without you.”