In-Person or Online
Ultramarathon Coaching

Customized Schedules

Customized schedules are designed for people who need an expert training plan to follow for a designated period of time and don’t need a lot of changes or require a lot of feedback once they get going. Schedules are written in four- to eight-week blocks, although I am flexible if that puts you a week or two before a goal race. Customized schedules are perfect for the runner who just wants a training schedule for a specific goal race or training segment or new runners who just need a basic plan to follow. All of the customized schedules are hand created to fit your specific running background, current fitness, and goals.

Customized Schedules – $79/month or $138/2 Months

How does it work? First, we have a consultation, on the phone, via email, or in person to review your current and past training (whichever method works best for you). During this consultation, I help you set goals as well as take into account your outside time requirements so I can fit the training plan around your life and schedule to ensure that you will be successful.

After our consultation, I will have the four- or eight-week schedule written for you within5 days of receiving your payment. You can review, make comments, provide suggestions, and ask questions. I want to ensure that the schedule I write works for you. To be successful, a training plan should be something you believe in, understand, and that is in synch with your goals, ability level, and time commitments.

The customized schedules include…

  • A full customized training program exclusively designed to take into account your ability, fitness level, goals, and training history
  • Receive monthly adjustments on training
  • Weekly email communication
  • Race Planning