In-Person or Online
Ultramarathon Coaching

In Person Coaching

Athletes in the Denver/Boulder area may choose an in-person coaching program that includes face-to-face evaluations in addition to the standard coaching services. In-person meetings help facilitate discussions, provide motivation and stimulus for improvement, and give the athlete an opportunity to seek additional feedback on technique, pacing, and other factors influencing performance.

In-Person Coaching – $189/month or $489/3 Months

How does it work? First, we have a consultation in person to review your current and past training (whichever method works best for you). During this consultation, I help you set goals, as well as take into account your outside time requirements, so I can fit the training plan around your life and schedule to ensure that you will be successful.

After our consultation, I will begin to analyze your running and put together a long-term training plan for guaranteed success. I will have the first four weeks of training written for you within 5 days of receiving your payment. You can review, make comments, provide suggestions, and ask as many questions as you need.

I want to ensure that the schedule I write works for you. To be successful, a training plan should be something you believe in, understand, and that is in sync with your goals, ability level and time commitments. I will analyze your training weekly and make necessary adjustments as you progress. If desired or necessary to ensure success, I will provide nutritional information, and stretching and strength training programs exclusively tailored to you.

All athletes receive:

• Initial evaluation where I review the athlete’s history and establish training goals

• Customized training schedules with detailed workout description and instruction

• Training log review; modification and fine-tuning of training schedules as needed

• Monthly detailed phone consultation

• Unlimited email consultation

• If desired, running-specific stretching and strength training exercises to help you develop more efficient techniques and prevent injury

• If desired, training and race day nutrition guidelines

• Training and race recovery guidelines

• Injury advice

• Race preparation advice

• Motivation tips


• Initial consultation conducted in person

• Assistance in selecting local running courses that best mimic race conditions

• Anything else you need to be successful – My goal is to provide you the individualized attention you need to meet your goals. If you need something, just ask!

• Meetings are conducted at a location of the athletes choosing; however, additional fees may be incurred for travel outside of service area

At any time, athletes may switch to the online coaching program.