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April 2011

Mad City 2011

by Chad Ricklefs on April 18, 2011

Well, I survived another Mad City 100K last weekend. Not only did I survive, but I was able to run a PR on that course (7:09). My previous best was last year’s 7:16. Although I improved my time, I was 8 minutes off of my PR for 100K. Most importantly, I was 22+ minutes behind this year’s winner and new National Champion. Alex Henshaw ran his first 100K at Mad City and smoked the field, earning himself an automatic spot on the 2011 US 100K Team that will be competing in the 100K World Champs in Holland in September. Before heading into Mad City, I was in the 4th spot on the US 100K Team (6 Men and 6 Women Teams). Alex’s win and David Riddle’s great run under 7:00 bumped me to the final spot (6th) on the team. The official qualifying period ends on June 12. No more races for me before June 12, so until then I have to sit back and see if anyone bumps me from the team.

Again I was accompanied by Samantha, who was my handler extraordinaire again. After having done a bunch of 100Ks, we have got the feeding down to the precision of a NSACAR pit crew. Couldn’t have finished with out her support! She knows when to kick me in the ass when I am crying like a baby between 70 and 90 K.

Time to relax for a few weeks before ramping the training back up – hopefully for another chance to represent the US at Worlds. The US Team is getting younger and faster, I am almost 20 years older than this year’s winner of Mad City. If I race Worlds this year I will have to be at my best level of fitness to compete with the next generation of US 100K runners. Can’t wait for the chance to show everyone I am not over the hill – yet!

First Goal Approaching

by Chad Ricklefs on April 3, 2011

Next Sunday will be my first big test of the year. Looking forward to heading back to Mad City 100 K to win another national title. My training has been on target and all that is left is for me to get myself mentally prepared to hurt like I have never hurt before. To get ready for this race, I have been reviewing my past several 100 K races to pinpoint the major flaw in those races. I think I’ve got a handle on what I need to do to improve on those past races. My fitness couldn’t be better – it is just up to keeping my head in the game for the entire race.

All I have left are a few easy runs before heading off to Madison Friday morning. All the work is done – now it is time to relax, stay healthy, and get psyched!