In-Person or Online
Ultramarathon Coaching

Ultramarathon Coaching Services

How it Works

Whether you are a beginner with little or no running experience or a Western States 100 qualifier, I can design a personalized training program specific to your goals and lifestyle. Coaching programs can be conducted online or in person for any road or trail runner:

Step 1. Consultation

The first step in the coaching process is the initial consultation where I try and learn as much about your running background, goals, and time commitments as possible. The consultation will be conducted via email or telephone, or in person, whichever method is most convenient for you. The more information you provide to me, the better I can tailor the schedule to you.

Step 2. Training Schedule

After the initial consultation, I will start writing your training program. Typically, I will create a long-term plan in “pencil” with the goals you hope to accomplish and the road-map for us to get there. If you purchase the in-person or online coaching option, I will send you the first three or four weeks of training in your training document. Typically, I send out the training in three- to four- week blocks, which helps us keep it flexible. If you purchased a customized schedule, I will include the entire length of the training schedule you purchased.

Step 3. Review

Once you receive the training schedule, review it and make sure you understand all the workouts and it fits your expectations. If you have any questions or require any adjustments, get in touch with me and I will adjust as necessary.

Step 4. Execute

A training plan is only as good as the person who can follow it, so do your best to follow the schedule. Certainly, I know that this is never 100% possible; this is why you got a coach! Do your best and don’t be afraid to ask questions along the way.

Step 5. Adjustments

If you’re on the customized plan, you can email me your results monthly and I will adjust the future training as necessary. If you purchased the in-person or online coaching option, I will follow your training weekly and ensure that you are getting the maximum benefit from each workout and recovering properly. I will make modifications to the schedule to ensure success and take your progression and adjustments into account when I write your new schedule.

Step 6. Success

With the ability customize the schedule specifically to you and the opportunity to make training modifications as necessary, I guarantee that you will improve your results and have more fun running.

Coaching Programs

Customized Schedules

Customized schedules are designed for people who need an expert training plan to follow for a designated period of time and don’t need a lot of changes or require a lot of feedback once they get going. Schedules are written in four- to eight-week blocks, although I am flexible if that puts you a week or two before a goal race.


Online Personal Coaching

Online personalized coaching is perfect for the experienced runner looking to breakthrough to new personal bests, or the new runner intimidated by their first race, and anyone in-between looking for the one on one attention only an expert can provide.

The personal coaching service provides access to coaching full time. That is unlimited questions, phone calls, and emails. You will be provided with a custom schedule for the entire length of your training cycle right up until the big race. I will analyze your training weekly and make necessary adjustments as you progress.


In-Person Coaching

Runners in the Denver/Boulder area may choose to meet with Chad in person to further focus and individualize your training plan.